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Coping with the stresses of travel is a very important thing to consider, and we’re going to focus on some of the best ways to do this in this article, and in even more detail in other articles. Everyone wants to have a seamless and enjoyable experience, but when we’re in transit, this isn’t always going to be possible. We’ve got you covered though! Take a look at some of our tips and suggestions for how to deal with flight anxiety and stressors.

Don’t Leave Anything Until The Last Minute

Be sure that you are prepared, and that you plan as much as you can in advance. This is true of all aspects of travel, but perhaps most importantly, it’s incredibly important when you’re flying. Ensure that you’ve packed everything you will need for your trip – or at least most things – prior to the day you leave. There will be some things that you’ll still need to get ready on the day of your trip, but those are the only things that you should leave unpacked as of the night before. Be sure you’ve prepared lists, and followed them. this is essential to being prepared for your flight! Be sure that you’ve packed items in your carry-on that are going to help you have a more enjoyable flight experience. Earplugs, books, headphones, a sweater – these are all things that you will want to have easy access to, once you’re in the air!

Do As Much As You Can In Advance

One of the most effective ways to ensure your flight gets off to a good start is to do things in advance. Select your seat in advance, online. Most airlines do have this option, and if you’re feeling like you want to spring a little bit extra for your flight, to make it more enjoyable (especially if it’s a long flight), book a seat in business class, or even first class. These are small choices that can make a huge difference! Also, be sure that you use available services like online check-in. This takes only a couple of minutes to do and can be done within 24-hours of your flight on most airlines. You’ll be able to print out your boarding passes in advance, and be a few steps ahead of the game when you arrive at the airport!

Arrive Early

A very important consideration when it comes to flying! You always want to make sure that you arrive early so that you can ease into your trip, and not have to panic if you happen to get stuck in long security line-ups. You’ll have time to make your way to your departure gate at a relaxed pace, and you’ll also be able to enjoy some duty free shopping and/or a nice meal before your flight, which brings us to our next point…

Don’t Travel Hungry

Since you’ve arrived at the airport early, you now have time to enjoy a nice meal, prior to boarding your flight. Once you’re in the air, you’re on the airline’s schedule, so you’ll eat when they’re ready to serve you – and let’s be honest – airline food isn’t exactly the most delicious, and the portions are pretty small, so it’s a good idea to get a good meal into yourself within an hour or so of boarding your flight. Keep in mind as well, that there are often several options on board, where you can order food items from a menu that you will pay for, if you still wish to eat. This may sound like a bit of a strange thing to focus on, but traveling hungry is never a good idea, as it can be an added stressor to an already less-than-comfortable experience.

Ask Questions

Whether it’s at the counter at your gate, or on the flight itself, no one understands what it’s like to fly, more than someone who does it for a living. These folks have pretty much see it all on flights, so if you have questions, ask them. They’ll be able to offer you helpful ideas and suggestions for how to take some of the stress out of your flight, and they’ll also know about the destination you’re headed to! When time permits, why not ask them for some suggestions on things to see and do once you land? Who better to tell you than someone who is constantly traveling to your destination? These folks work hard every day, under stressful circumstances, so please remember to be kind to them, also. Have a great, stress free flight!